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Warm All-Levels Yoga Flow

This class is taught by:

Shannon Kidwell

Creator/Director/Instructor of Core Integrated Alignment Yoga, Studio Co-Owner, Advisory Board Director, Brand Creator/Author/Speaker & Event Host for Fit Piglet's Freshitarian Lifestyle


Shannon's enthusiasm for wellness comes from a life long struggle with genetics and weight loss. Scaling her heaviest at just over 200 pounds in 1995, she has been working hard to maintain her healthy lifestyle, and inspiring others to love themselves enough to want to feel good and thrive. Previously, an avid runner and intense weight lifter, she has reconciled her intentions to finding a deeper inner peace and genuine presence, by reducing mental and emotional stress and unwinding physical tension with the self reflective, deeply transformational, healing practices of yoga. Shannon Kidwell, developed the brand, Core Integrated Alignment Yoga, to share how moving the body intelligently allows any level of practitioner, applying the appropriate anatomical actions to yoga asana, to receive the full physiological benefits of the practice, with a very reduced risk of injury. She is a Master Pilates & Yoga Instructor and Educator, Personal Trainer, Lifestyle Coach, Leadership Development Trainer, Freshitarian Certified Chef, Nutritional Counselor, and Author of Fit Piglets, Your Guide to the Freshitarian Lifestyle. "I look forward to either guiding you or rolling out my mat beside you, sharing in sacred space very soon... Namaste."

Nicole Irvine

Nicole has always had a love for health and fitness, whether it be teaching, coaching, or practicing. While earning her degree at the University of North Florida, she began practicing yoga in 2008, and through her journey discovered a deep love every time she steps on her mat. Nicole is a 200 hour Certified Yoga Instructor and studied with Ashtangi, Steve Rubin, and Full Circle Studio Owner, Christine Northcote. She finds great joy in being able to help others find compassion for themselves in the present moment, awareness of their breathe, and the ability to surrender in each posture with mindfulness. She is looking forward to sharing this passion as you explore the true meaning of yoga and take time to step on your mat.

Lee Clise

Lee has always loved the intrinsic joy of expressing herself through movement. Starting as a teenager, Lee studied extensively, competed nationally and eventually became a teacher in the Kenpo Karate style of Martial Arts. In 2003, she began a daily Yoga practice through a desire to go deeper into the dimensions of the mind-body connection. Through her own transformation, her passion for Yoga has filled her with a desire to share this healing art with others.

“I believe deep in my heart that Yoga truly offers healing and well being for every body regardless of age or physical ability. Yoga gently brings forth an awareness that provides an increased connection to ourselves. This connection encourages us to use our breath, body, and mind to create the space within us to experience our own innate radiant health.”

Lee infuses her classes with her passion for the practice of Yoga and its ability to reflect back to us our true inner strength and natural peace.

Asha Morales

From the time Asha was born she was blessed to have Yoga in her life. Asha’s family was part of a contemporary Tantric Yoga community that focuses on Self Realization and service to humanity. In this Yogic tradition she was taught meditation, and some Hatha Yoga at the age of 4. As an adult Asha was introduced to the westernized class format of asana and loves this dynamic approach.

As a humble and grateful student she has studied with her primary teachers, Lewis Rothlein and Christine Northcote in Winter Park, and attended many different workshops and/or trainings with other well-known and respected teachers throughout the country. Asha completed a 200- hour Yoga Certification with YogaWorks and Jodie Rufty, and a 200-hour Ashtanga certification with Urban Ashtanga. Asha’s approach to teaching Yoga asana is non-dogmatic and compassionate. She strives to provide an environment that is a catalyst to transformation on all levels, with an emphasis on breath, alignment and intuition. With passion and dedication she teaches Yoga from the Heart, Mind, Body and Soul.

Claire Johnson

Claire Denise Johnson is a certified Vinyasa teacher who studied under Rolf Gates, international yoga teacher and acclaimed author of the book, Meditations From The Mat. She is also a Board-Certified Medical Doctor with ultramarathon running as a passion.

Her goal is to take yoga from the mat and integrate it with her Western medical studies and passion for physical training and share that with others.

"When we discover our true self on the mat, what we learn can be applied to every aspect of our lives to live in the healthy, blissful state that we are meant to be."

Claire's first passions in her life are her two children, Brian and Sinclaire. And in her spare time, she spends time traveling the world with her children, running and recently teaching yoga in Spain.

Danita Medina

Danita originally went to her first Yoga class because she was having chronic hip and shoulder pain. With her regular Yoga practice and self awareness, the pain had disappeared. Yoga has provided Danita with the needed balance, stability, strength, endurance, energy and flexibility in both her mind and her body.

Danita’s real life experience has opened her eyes and belief in reaching out to others seeking to grow through the art of Yoga.

Danita’s goal is to guide her students toward their happiness, strength and calm that is within each of us.

Her teaching style plays with the freedom that can be found through breath, flow and motion.

Danita has decided to deepen her practice by taking the teacher training course at the Yoga University of Florida, where she has earned her 270 hour Yoga Certification 50 hour Teacher Training Certificate with Briohny and Dice 40 hour Teacher Training Certificate with Bryan Kest 40 hour Hatha Alignment Yoga Teacher training with Mylinda Morales. Danita also has attended many workshops with other well known International Instructors such as, Jason Crandall, Tiffany Cruikshank and Nichala Joy Devi, to name a few. Off the mat, Danita enjoys spending time with her family, traveling, meditating and continuing her passion of 7 years as a Traditional Thai Massage Therapist.

Daniell Grothus

Daniell is certified in Vinyasa Yoga instruction. She earned her 200hr certification through study with Rolf Gates. Her passion for yoga helps her to feed her passion for life. Through her personal mantra “Shine Here Now” she develops not only her outlook on life, but also her class structures, helping her students find their inner strength and empowerment to shine their beauty out in to the world. She believes all yoga starts with strong breath, and attention to the details, which brings a special finesse to her classes.
In addition to yoga at Sweetwater, Dani has also taught yoga classes specific to runners, as well as benefit classes for charities. While keeping things light-hearted and fun, she loves to work the core and challenge her students to be the best them they can be each day, both on and off the mat. She can’t wait to see you at the studio!

Sol Davies

Like many others, Sol first turned to yoga as means to heal from chronic hip pain. Not only did she find relief from the pain, but also found a tremendous healing of mind, body, and spirit. Wanting to delve deeper into this connection and share her passion with others, Sol completed the 200 hour teacher training program at Shine On Yoga. Sol is currently undergoing the 850 hour certification program to become a Yoga Therapist. Her nurturing approach allows students to strengthen their physical body while healing on the inside and out.

Bianca Khoury

Bianca grew up dancing in the Orlando area since the age of 4. Her passion of dance carried on through high school and college. While studying International Business at Rollins college she was actively involved as a dance teacher of all styles to students of all ages. Upon graduating, Bianca took over Turning Pointe-A Dance Studio, which she owned and operated for nine wonderful years. Along the dance journey, Bianca developed a strong passion for yoga, pilates and all forms of fitness. After completing her 200hr. yoga certification from GURUV under the instruction of Tymi Howard, Bianca fell even more in love with yoga and is excited to share her passion with those around her.

Mary Arena

Mary Jo Arena is a Yoga Alliance certified instructor based in Orlando, Florida. A focus on “Sharing” has been the guiding influence in her life, and it’s also the key philosophy that helps Mary Jo connect so well with others who join her in the practice of yoga. She is inspired by sharing her physical and spiritual knowledge of yoga, along with sharing her passion for the yogic lifestyle, and her ability to convey this inspiration uplifts those that join her classes. Additionally, having a background in music and dance has given her the confidence and familiarity to become a focal point for those wanting to participate in her passion for the arts; translating into comfortable, communicative environments for her students.

Mary Jo began practicing yoga in Santa Monica, California as part of an overall fitness regimen. While there, the diagnosis of a life-altering health issue with her joints took away some of her favorite fitness outlets, but also helped her identify the powerful benefits of yoga on both her physical and mental wellbeing. Her dedication to a regular practice minimized Mary Jo’s disease and inspired and motivated her to receive a 200 hour RYT certification in 2013, working with world-renowned teachers Travis Eliot and Lauren Eckstrom at their “Holistic Yoga Flow” Vinyasa style school. Prior to her move from Santa Monica to Orlando, Mary Jo had the opportunity to teach at a variety of locations in Los Angeles, including Brian Kest’s Power Yoga West Studio, one of the venues that inspired her to begin her yoga journey.

Mary Jo’s style of teaching is in Vinyasa Flow originating from Krishnamachara’s Ashtanga Yoga. Vinyasa Flow is rooted in breath and movement and combines a series of flowing postures with rhythmic breathing for an intense mind-body workout. Sometimes given the westernized name “Power Yoga,” this type of movement feels like a dance where the student moves through ananas (postures) and vinyasas in one continuous flow that is synchronized with the breath. Mary Jo believes in safe and smart sequencing allowing for participants in her classes to come from a full range of fitness levels, regardless of age or experience. In addition, she has knowledge and personal experience practicing this type of flow during pregnancy.

Her classes are incredibly dynamic and fun and will get the student to utilize their athletic attributes:

strength, balance, flexibility and stamina. Her students will also get an opportunity to dig deeper into the spiritual components of their practice and explore how yoga can transform their lives and Mary Jo truly looks forward to sharing this amazing journey with her students. Namaste!


Sarah Burnett

Sarah has always believed in healing through the mind, body and spirit connection, and yoga became a natural path for that to manifest. Sarah fell in love with yoga while backpacking through Australia and decided to deepen her understanding and practice at the source – India! She completed her 200-hour RYT certification in Rishikesh where she lived in an ashram at the base of the Himalayan Mountains. Her experience opened her mind and heart to yoga beyond the asana, and how it aligns and balances all aspects of your life.

Sarah’s yoga journey continued as she traveled the world throughout SE Asia, Indonesia and New Zealand studying Hatha, Vinyasa, AcroYoga, Ashtanga, and Iyengar yoga. She was inspired and transformed by her many teachers along the way, whether it was meditating with monks in northern Thailand, learning about universal consciousness in India, or practicing Transcendental Meditation in Bali.

Based in Orlando, Sarah also is a Children’s Play Therapist and has certification in Children’s PLAY Yoga from New Zealand where she combines the emotional, mental, and physical aspects to guide children to a healing space. She does private healing yoga sessions, including Thai massage, for adults and couples. She also works one-on-one with children, siblings and small groups incorporating play therapy and yoga as appropriate.

Tanya Scheidegg

Tanya Scheidegg is a certified yoga teacher at the 200 hour level. Yoga has been a part of her

life for nearly 20 years; however it wasn’t until the last five that she truly began to deepen her

practice. Tanya loves the holistic experience of health and spirituality the physical practice of

yoga brings. Tanya returned to school to become a Physical Therapist Assistant and is scheduled

to graduate from the program in May 2015. She is not only excited to share her passion for yoga

with others but looks forward to helping others heal through yoga therapy. In her free time,

Tanya can be found frolicking in the great outdoors or tinkering with new raw food recipes.

Kourtney Sullivan

Kourtney began her journey in the fitness world in 2002, when she began to practice Vinyasa Yoga. After falling absolutely in love with the overall feeling of well being produced by this mind-body practice, she decided to immediately pursue teaching as a career. Certified in 2004 by Miami's Yogashala, Kourtney moved back to Orlando, and began teaching in various gyms and studio's throughout the Greater Orlando Area. She quickly realized that the intensity of Ashtanga based Vinyasa Yoga was not constructive for all body types, and began to expand her knowledge through various workshops, classes, and self study to discover an approach that is beneficial for all body types. Now, she teaches gentle Hatha, Creative Flow, Vinyasa Flow, Ashtanga Primary series, and meditation classes.In 2005, Kourtney decided to try a new type of mind-body wellness known as The Pilates Method. Again, falling in love with the detail and focus involved, she sought out a reputable Pilates training, and found BASI Pilates. Completing her Complete Comprehensive Certification in 2006, she started teaching right away.
Kourtney continues to study both yoga and Pilates practice and theory on a regular basis. She believes that learning is an amazing and exciting journey that never ends, and is passionate about sharing with others what she has learned. She absolutely loves watching others soak in the joy's of developing a regular practice!

Kourtney regularly hosts and attends sessions with other instructors to discuss various topics concerning the Pilates method, as well as continuously attending Yoga and Pilates workshops. She is currently studying to be a BMPS (Bodies Mind Program of Study) certified instructor.
Kourtney also enjoys Climbing, and biking, and exploring fun innovative fitness classes, and activities.

Richie Kidwell

Certified Core Integrated Alignment Yoga Instructor, Studio Co-Owner, Advisory Board Member
Richie Kidwell, co-owner of Sweetwater Yoga & Fitness, has both private and group fitness experience to include Yoga, Pilates Reformer, Bootcamp classes, TRX suspension, and personal training.   
Richie enjoys all the different styles of movement, but Yoga is his favorite. "It keeps me grounded and self aware. It also keeps my core strong, my joints stable, and reduces tension both physically and mentally," says Richie. He continues to grow both his personal and teaching practice under our Core Integrated Alignment Yoga Mentorship program. Anyone who has been to Richies classes agrees... he cultivates a a fun and challenging energy with a priority on mindful movement and anatomical alignment, accessible to all levels of practitioners. Oh... and let's not forget... he loves handstands! 

Lisa Rosen

Lisa began practicing yoga in 2006, hoping to find relief from the pain in her body caused by years of competitive swimming and water polo combined with scoliosis.
Along with the physical benefits, Lisa could not ignore the emotional benefits and all the good karma manifested in her life through immersing herself into yoga communities in all the cities she lived in and visited.

Lisa teaches a vinyasa flow style with a focus on healthy alignment. Her mindful sequencing gives students a safe space to grow and explore their edge, striking a careful balance between challenging and nurturing. Her intention is for students to leave class with a smile; feeling clear, strong, and ready to face obstacles both on the mat and in life.

In addition to teaching yoga, Lisa is a licensed massage therapist. When she is not working, Lisa enjoys spending down time with her husband David, son Ezra, and fluffy dog Neko.


Lisa McCormack

Certified Core Integrated Alignment Yoga Instructor, Teacher Training Tribe Mentor, Advisory Board Member
“Freedom.” This is the response Lisa offers when she is asked to describe the underlying intention that threads through all of her classes. From the moment she completed her 200-hour certification with CoreWorks Institute, it became her desire to assist people in finding freedom in their bodies, regardless of what their body type, age, or previous yoga experience is. She supports her students in cultivating an understanding of their bodies as the perfect vehicle to experience their own unique journey within while they are on the path to becoming stronger, healthier, and more balanced. With an emphasis on safety, core integration, alignment, and breath, she promotes the use of props and modifications so that her classes are structured to foster the highest experience of physical, energetic, and emotional health. Lisa teaches a variety of classes to all levels at both of our studios, and she has helped numerous people move beyond perceived limitations into a greater sense of well-being and a deeper mind-body-spirit connection. Lisa also regularly guides crystal bowl sound healing meditations, featuring the sounds of pure quartz crystal singing bowls, Tibetan metal bowls, symphonic chimes, and various other healing instruments, which induce states of deep relaxation, energetic harmony, and promote healing.

Nicole LaNeve

Certified Core Integrated Alignment Yoga Instructor & Student Teacher Mentor
As a former dancer, Nicole loves all movement and dabbled in yoga for many years before finding her yoga home. Once she truly committed to her yoga practice, she was amazed by the physical, emotional and spiritual gifts the practice cultivated, and felt compelled to share them with others. Nicole recently completed her Yoga Alliance 200-hour certification with CoreWorks Institute. She is incredibly drawn to the fluidity of vinyasa flow with an inward focus and is passionate about creating a warm, welcoming space that allows students of all levels to connect with their bodies and explore and discover their alignment and intuition.

Whitney Hintze

Certified Core Integrated Alignment Yoga Instructor & Senior Student Teacher Mentor 
Whitney has always had a deep love for movement and fitness and has been active and involved in sports for most of her life. She received her Bachelor's Degree in Chemistry from the University of Florida and then she moved to Chicago where her love affair with yoga began. Over time, her passion for the practice grew into a silent dream - she wanted to be a yoga teacher! Soon enough, when she moved back to Florida and started practicing at Sweetwater Yoga and Fitness, her dream was coming to fruition. Surrounded by community and Intrigued by their upcoming Core Integrated Alignment Yoga Teacher Training, she signed up, showed up, competed the 7 month course, and was invited to join the Sweetwater Yoga Teaching Tribe. "It was everything I thought it would be and more. Sharing yoga is such an honorable position and I absolutely love guiding people to to their own individual experience," says Whitney. In addition to being a Certified Yoga Teacher, Whitney's other credentials include Pilates Teacher and Spinning Instructor. She has embraced self study and is enjoying the creative processes along this ever growing, ever changing journey of Yoga and draws from her unending well of enthusiasm to share her passion for life others.

Kevin McCormack

Certified Core Integrated Alignment Yoga Instructor, Teacher Training Tribe Mentor, Advisory Board Member
Kevin offers yoga for all levels designed to revitalize and rejuvenate the physical body, stimulate and invigorate the mind, and nurture and uplift the spirit. His style brings a reverence into the room and those who fill it. His classes are mindful and accessible so that each student is immersed in an atmosphere that encourages the development of their own unique yoga practice. Kevin’s personal journey from addiction to recovery ignites his fire to be a beacon of hope for others with life struggles. Outside of yoga, he is a spiritual coach and recovery professional and loves to experiment and share raw and organic recipes.

Amber Williams

Certified Core Integrated Alignment Yoga Instructor & Senior Student/Teacher Mentor & Pilates Reformer Specialist

Amber is a woman that has a diverse subset of passions; when she’s not practicing yoga she’s a mother of two beautiful girls, a wife and a registered dental hygienist. The glue holding it together is centered in her faith and her deep introspective awareness she’s made through yoga. Her journey to find this practice was quite beautiful and all started when she moved to Orlando in 2008 where she met her future husband, Kyle. They soon were married and started a family. The American dream was coming true but after the birth of her first child she was searching for a renewed physical and emotional connection. She did something pretty cool: she went to a yoga class - by herself. This was the beginning of a new chapter in Amber’s life and carried over into her eventual yoga home at Sweetwater. Yoga offers many gifts, one of which brings about a new realization, helping her to recognize energetic parts of herself that she didn’t know were there. Yoga gives us all the opportunity to explore our authenticity and cultivate mindfulness and intuition. This practice continues to inspire and nurture the desires of Ambers heart and she is honored and excited to share her personal journey and enthusiasm with the Sweetwater/Parkside communities. 

Amanda Fowler

Certified Core Integrated Alignment Yoga Instructor & Student Teacher Mentor

Amanda was first drawn to yoga purely for the physical benefits. It wasn’t long before she discovered not only the physical benefits of yoga but the emotional and spiritual gifts the practice brought into her life both on and off the mat. She discovered breathe, awareness and an inner stillness she had not known before. After several years of a dedicated practice, she decided she wanted to help others experience the life changing growth she found in yoga. After completing her 200-hour training as a Core Integrated Alignment Teacher certified by Sweetwater Yoga & Fitness, she couldn’t wait to start teaching. Amanda loves sharing the amazing gift of yoga with our Sweetwater/Parkside community and brings a strong flow accessible to all levels that invigorates the mind, body and spirit.

Heather Kennedy

Certified Core Integrated Alignment Yoga Instructor, Senior Student/Teacher Mentor, Community Manager & Customer Service Coordinator, Assistant to Fit Piglet's Team Freshitarian  
I had been practicing yoga for about 3 years when I walked into Sweetwater Yoga & Fitness and instantly fell in love!  The community was so warm and inviting and the yoga felt good on my achy body. I love it so much and am excited to share this brand of yoga with the Sweetwater and Parkside communities. Im not sure where this path is leading me, but the life changing experiences and devoted and uplifting friendships I've found here have encouraged me in ways that are unexplainable. I can't wait to share space with you! See you in class! 
Warm Yoga Flow is designed to utilize the warmth of heating elements in the room in addition to the heat created by the breath to achieve deep pliability of the musculature system to create space and detoxify the body of impurities by squeezing and soaking the organs and generating an abundance of sweat. All-Levels welcome!